Sunday, February 3, 2013

The review: WIFI DR500GW-HD by BlackVue

WIFI dr500gw-HD

Rated 4.2/5 based on 13 customer reviews

Looking for information on the Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD? This is a car black box DVR recorder from BlackVue. It has built in Wi-Fi, full HD, GPS tracking, and more. Here's what this product can offer you.

The Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD features a full HD video camera and it has an integrated GPS as well as capabilities for Wi-Fi. This product has a 16GB SD card which comes with it and you can use it with Mac or PC computers. You cаn also check the video footage you crate directly on your smartphone without the need to actually use your computer to do it.
By using the Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD recorder you can check your video directly on your smartphone device in your car. The BlackVue application allows for the playback of your video and the uploading of your images with ease.

            Works with Android smartphones, iPhone, and tablets
            Compatible with iOS 5.0 and Android 2.2 operating systems.
            It offers full HD with 30fps
            High definition and a high frame rate
            There's voice recording capabilities
            There’s a smartphone or PC viewer
            You can detect motion in the parking mode
            There’s a high performance GPS built-in
            The unit has a G sensor
            It features a compact and stylish design
            New Wi-Fi feature
            There's a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor
             High-capacity memory card support
             Built-in microphone
            BlackVue App and Software
When using the device it will overwrite what is already on the unit if the memory is full so you'll need to ensure that you transfer the video that you want to keep right away.

The Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD is a compact device and it’s easy to learn and use the product. There's no LCD screen this is done with your smartphone device. This unit works well in daylight with good quality. There’s an easy on/off button and you can use it in hot weather because it has venting holes to keep the heat out of the Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD unit. The voice notifications are a handy feature to use. It’s fun to view the recordings you make on your smartphone.

The quality of the unit is quite good but the Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD could use some improvement. Overall the quality isn't too bad and you do get your money's worth. There are a couple of glitches with the firmware but hopefully these will be resolved soon. The unit costs quite a bit so it's not the ideal device for everyone. The sticks on clips aren’t the best and suction cups or something else to attach the device might be better.

Blackvue DR500GW-HD Air Vent

Blackvue DR500GW-HD 360 Rotation

Blackvue DR500GW-HD Features

Blackvue DR500GW-HD Sound System

Blackvue DR500GW-HD App Compatible

Blackvue DR500GW-HD Overview

Blackvue DR500GW-HD Inside

Blackvue DR500GW-HD Security LED

Overall this is a good DVR recorder and you'll get a lot of use out of it the price of the Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD  is a bit high but it's not too bad considering all you get with this product. This unit does take good video so it's worth the price. The video could be slightly better but the quality is there and most people won't notice the difference in the video.

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